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The CATHOLIC WOMEN'S LEAGUE is an organization of women whose motto is: "Charity, Work, and Loyalty," for which the CWL insignia stands. The mission of CWL is to promote Christian values in families and the community at large.

At the Saint John Bosco Parish, the CWL group was unit organized in 1977, with Mrs. Lydia B. Coloma as its first president. Some important statues of the church have been acquired, through the efforts of CWL members: Our Lady of Sorrows, the Santo Entierro, the Risen Christ. The CWL spearheaded the putting up of the statues of Mary Help of Christians at street corners.

CWL Parish Activities


  • Mass Usherettes and Collectors at certain Masses

  • Feeding Program for children after the Catechism class of St. John Bosco Parish, MakatiCity, every 5th Sunday of the month

  • Catechism Classes for certain areas of the parish, every Saturday at 7:30 am to 9:30 am

  • Jail apostolate at the Makati City jail (CWL accompanies assigned priests from the Vicariate of Saints Peter and Paul when they celebrate Holy Masses at the jail. CWL also provides catechism and moral support and guidance to the inmates to help them lead positive lives. CWL members also bring food and basic needs for the inmates during the jail visits.)

To join, contact BING PRADO  0919-374-7237

or ROSE AQUINO 0905-376-7642

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