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1951 - Salesians first arrived in Makati

Vast cogon grasslands greeted the Salesians when they first arrived in Makati in 1951.  The area then had 30,000 souls (with 2,000 non-Catholics) whose spriritual needs were met through the San Idelfonso Parish, the first Salesian Parish in Makati with Fr. John Rizzato as pastor.

1976 - St. John Bosco Parish was born.

It was in 1976 when His Eminence Jaime Cardinal Sin, Archbishop of Manila, saw the need of building a parish for the zealous villages of San Lorenzo, Salcedo, Legaspi and the residents of Barangay Pio del Pilar (Dulo).  St. John Bosco Parish rose on March 2, 1976 at the heart of Makati with Fr. Godfrey Roozen, SDB as its parish priest and guided by the mission of its patron saint, St. John Bosco - The Father and Teacher of the Young.

1977 - Blessing of the cornerstone

On August 15, 1977, its cornerstone was blessed by the Cardinal himself.  The principal sponsors, the Ayalas, Barangay leaders, Mr. Victor Lim, Mr. Melencio and the late Mayor Nemensio Yabut graced the momentous affair of thanksgiving and praise for God's bountiful blessings.  

1978 - First stage completion

May of 1978 saw the completion of the parish office and conference halls followed by the funeral parlor in January.


From a parish made of buildings and walls, the parish was transformed into a church of God made of zealous, dedicated and united people.  The different parish groups for children, for the youth and for the adults grew in number.  The parish truly exuded an atmosphere of a home that welcomes.  The family spirit is very much alive during Eucharistic celebrations and numerous parish activities.  It has become a house of prayer and reconciliation among families and friends.  The Adoration Chapel is never without its adorers who religiously and devotedly spend "quality and holy hour with the Lord".  The church services give way to the lonely and lost souls thirsting for peace.

To the young, it has become a playground where friends meet and enjoy.  The parish continuously keeps the legacy of Don Bosco alive: RUN, JUMP, PLAY, MAKE NOISE BUT DO NOT SIN.  St. John Bosco Parish provides the young with worthwhile activities like sports fests, stage plays, concerts and outreach activities that will get them high on God instead of vices.

Tuloy sa Don Bosco, starting as Pugad, was St. John Bosco Parish's response to the call of PCP II to be the church of the poor.  Initiated by Fr. Remo Bati, SDB and sustained under the leadership of Fr. Rocky Evangelista, SDB, it caters to the poorest of the poor especially the poor and abandoned children.  The project aims to give a normal life to young children of the streets who are victims of poverty, malnutrition, forced labor, and in general child abuse.  The center provides for them a home where they eat regularly, are provided with comfortable clothes, are taught moral values and experience  the core, attention and love of a family.

The parish conducts medical-dental missions on Sundays to ensure the physical and health of its parishioners and provides job opportunities to deserving individuals guided by its principle of preferential option for the poor.


1996 - Fr. Gerry Battad, SDB supported a church of the poor

When Fr. Gerry Battad took over as parish priest in 1996, he further propagated St. John Bosco Parish's vision-mission as a church of the poor.  Among the projects, he highlighted were Bahay Pagmamahal, a learning and outreach center at Taylo; Bahay Pag-asa, a multi-purpose center; learning center cum chapel at Botanical; PNR Magallanes apostolate, and the Center for Family Ministries, Ateneo Satellite Counselling Center. More BEC cell groups were established with an increase of 4 zones to 8 zones, and the Balikatan massage clinic project of the blind began to operate.


When Tuloy sa Don Bosco Street Children transferred to Alabang, St. John Bosco Parish continued the parish street children project through the Don Bosco Pugad - Home for the Poor and Needy Youth. Headed by Fr. Bong Javines, SDB as its Center Director, it is a six-month processing center that empowers the youth before referring them to big centers, or sending them to formal and non-formal educational agencies.

Ever conscious of the upliftment of the poor, St. John Bosco Parish is always a vanguard of assistance as before to victims of man-made calamities.  It has become the staging area of rallies and protests involving moral, social and economic issues.


2002 - Birth of the new migrant youth apostolate

The migrant youth are poor young men, 17 to 21 years old, who take technical skills at the Manpower Training Department of Don Bosco Technical Institute.  Most of these migrant youth come from the outskirts of Metro Manila and other far-flung provinces which is why they consider Don Bosco's community as a haven for them to study and work with ease and comfort.

More information can be found in the Salesian Community page.

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